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A woman–a life coach, healer and transformational leader was gunned down by police yesterday. I take a little more exception to it, being a life coach myself, and understanding our desire to heal not only individuals, but the planet as well. It really leaves me wondering…what happened? Could that have been me?

The details are unclear and I would never run to someone’s defense without hearing the facts and I anxiously await the real story to be told, but if it happened the way early reports are stating, something’s terribly wrong.

We have an issue with police brutality in our country. And while I’m sensitive to the BLM movement, I think this is an issue at large. Affecting all of us. No one is exempt. Minorities typically will have more run ins with the police for a variety of reasons…social, economic, years of oppression etc, (the issues are much bigger than I care to discuss in this post, but they are very real and very valid), but I’ve done my own research and found that cops are shooting everyone. Not a particular race or class alone. It seems sometimes that they are shooting first, and asking questions later.


Could it be that they are the product of a culture that veraciously feeds on violence? Could it be that years of growing up watching America’s diet of violent movies, supplemented with playing endless hours of violent video games has desensitized them to the value of a human life? Could listening to track after track of hip hop music every day of their lives that glorifies murder be the reason? We need everyone, sociologists, psychologists, neuroscientists, physicians, anthropologists, educational specialists, biologists, community leaders, politicians, you…me…everyone to step up and be a part of this conversation. And the goal of that conversation should be a SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM. Don’t just look through your own lens and pick a side or look for someone to blame. If you solve the issue for everyone, guess what? You just got helped too.

I’ll throw in my two cents here. I think part of the reason for shabby policing is that people have moved too far away from knowing their personal God given gifts and talents. Parents should be working to identify a child’s natural personality and temperament when their kids are little. They should continue that work as they grow through their teen years so that by the time they are to choose an occupation, they know. They know who they are, they know their strengths and weakness. They know their gifts. We’ve spent too many years just picking jobs without any consideration of who we really are. So… you have cops out there running around with GUNS who are fearful, jumpy, lack discernment etc,. People who just picked a job because it paid well or offered good benefits. If you ask me, cops, like teachers, are born, not made. It’s a special gifting. The ability to remain calm under pressure, the ability to quickly read a situation, to intuitively judge a person’s character in seconds. The ability to diffuse an escalated situation or calm someone down. Those are gifts. You either have them or you don’t. So the recruiting process should look different in my opinion. You’re looking for people who have those kinds of innate skills and traits. And once you’ve identified the highly skilled applicants, pay them for their skill. Other professions pay well for a particular set of skills. I think being a police officer is important enough to our society to be a well-paid position. These steps might not solve everything but I think it would be a very good start. And…maybe…stun guns.

In our country, we have a lot of social issues that need to be addressed. It’s high time we come together, stop blaming one another and get something done. We need progressive change now, not bullish ideology. Let’s work together. It’s the only way anything is going happen.

If you’re interested, here’s a link to the article.

Minneapolis police shoot unarmed woman in pajamas


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