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There are a myriad of talented authors out there, many who write better than I do, but I invite you to explore the stories that I write which examine the complexity and beauty of the human experience and depict the power of human potential. It is my personal goal to raise awareness about human consciousness, about the power of self-awareness, about the ability to make right choices. My goal for writing these stories is to show what’s possible when we begin to align with who we truly are.

Typically, there are no highly erotic scenes in my books. No explicit language. But what people will find is a person on a journey to their highest and best self. It is a journey that we all should be on. Unfortunately, many people are traveling through life unaware; not knowing why their life isn’t the way they’d like. They might be harming other people, filled with self- doubt, engaged in risky behaviors, or otherwise making bad choices—totally disconnected from God and the perfect beings they truly are. I hope my writing will not only entertain people; giving them a few minutes of escape from the stress of the world, but I hope that for some, my stories will serve as a gentle nudge, reminding them that their life is calling them forth, ready to be unveiled.

As a former Life Coach and one who has suffered my own failings and short comings, I understand the tragedy of an unfulfilled life. It was my story and it is a story so many of us are living. I want to draw people’s attention to that. I want to encourage others to uncover their purpose in life. I want to introduce them to the power of self- love and to deliver the message that the uneasiness they feel is desire, urging them on to a better life. My stories are my letters of encouragement. These characters are my examples. They find the courage to reinvent their lives.  “Will you join them?


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