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 Calling All Lightworkers

It’s 2017 and darkness has covered the land. Personally, I believe the current, dark state of society is only temporary. I recall a similar period in the 80’s and 90’s of drugs, crime, racial tensions, corporate greed. Somewhere around the early 2000’s we transitioned out of it and I’m hoping we will see society make this same transition.

In the meantime, I’m calling all lightworkers. There are those of you out there who have a call on your life to uplift humanity. Who serve as beacons of hope to the hopeless, guides to the ones who are lost. Some of you are grounded in your faith and are prayer warriors. Some have the gift of being more hands on… pastors, healers and counselors. Some are writers. If this is you, now is your time. Figure out what you need to move out of the shadows and into the light. People are hurting and hurt people hurt other people.

 As lightworkers we come to remind others of the truth… that each one of us is God in human form. That we all have purpose and value and that each of us is loved beyond measure. If everyone understood that, they’d be filled with hope and love for themselves and their fellow man; never desiring to hurt anyone. They’d believe in their ability to serve humanity with their gifts; no need to rob or steal. They’d know the healing power of self- love and acceptance; eliminating the need for alcohol and drugs. Lightworkers come to tell the truth to a world who has forgotten and in some instances never known… be brilliant, be fierce, be loving, be kind, be God. 

If this message pierced you, you know who you are. Find your own little corner of the world and begin flowing your light. Blog, books, social media, prayer, healer, counselor, coach… contribute in any way you can. It all benefits.

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