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As human beings, we carry the inherent flaw of “separateness.” We use our groups and labels… whether it’s religion, sports teams, cities, coasts, race… to not only give us a sense of belonging, no harm in that, but for many of us the labels we identify with give us a sense of elitism… my group is better than yours. My religion is better, my race is better, my political party is better, my economic class, even my coast is better. We all remember the rapper ‘beefs’ of past decades… to think…people lost their lives over such nonsense. Newsflash, no one is better than anyone else, doesn’t matter your group or label. Human is human. Period. Second newsflash, we are all apart of God’s creation. Every single one of us. A single unit. A single body. If He created us, we belong here and we have purpose and value. As individuals, we don’t get to decide who has merit and who doesn’t. I matter. You matter. He she and it matters. And as we stoke the flames of divisiveness, we have to ask ourselves… is it worth it?

Be careful of the beast you serve. It just might turn and bite you.

Many people aren’t just content to sit behind social media and call names. Some will act upon their hatred. Is this the kind of world we want? Where drawing ‘lines’  between us is what’s most important. Nah, not me. I want a world where there is love and peace. Where we can leave our homes with the security of knowing our neighbors will meet us with love and kindness. Where, I may not know you, but I can still call you friend. Do your part. Commit to using social media to share love. To uplift one another. To comfort those who hurt. Move beyond the fear of differences and embrace others. Value life in all it’s myriad of forms. Do your part to help build a more successful world.



To your journey,

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