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Our stories make us who we are…

So excited to announce my third novel is ready! It’s titled Dirty and while it’s a Dirty5coming of age story, young adult readers as well as more “mature” audiences will find something of value. It follows the progression of Deidre McCall into womanhood. While it’s not overly graphic (nothing I ever write is), I will say that the subject matter is “mature.” It examines the issues of image and self-esteem, while touching on the subjects of relationships, strong women, good men, no good men…I’ve put lots of goodies in this one.


“For anyone who has yet to see their own beauty.” ~Tonya Lampley

Abandoned by her father and the victim of childhood taunts, Deidre McCall has had a rough life. Trapped in Lewenton, Mississippi, a town so small it’s not even listed on the map, she dreams of her escape.

Struggling with the wounds of her past, on her 18th birthday, she’s determined to leave it all behind. She abandons her town’s dirt roads and heads for the bright lights of the big city. But what do you do when wherever you go… there you are? Instead of escaping her baggage, she’s carried it all with her. And when life doesn’t make sense, the last place in the world you want to be is in New York City.

As adulthood is thrust upon her she has a choice to make. Will she continue to let the wounds of her past dictate who she is or will she finally embrace the truth?

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