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Barbara corcoran

On an episode of Shark Tank this week, a teary-eyed woman was advised by Barbara Corcoran to control her emotions… “you have to cry privately.”

This is an interesting topic. On the one hand I believe wholeheartedly in being honest and authentic and basically human, but I have to agree with Barbara Cocoran, we live in a world of gender biases. I think when men see women cry in a business setting they have a tendency to devalue us, not see us as capable. Perhaps, after you’ve proven yourself to your colleagues and you have a reputation for getting the job done, you can let your guard down a little more and show your “softer” side, but first impressions are everything and until we move beyond gender biases, it is what it is. This young woman did what she felt in her heart was right. People are human. They cry. The question is… does being emotional undermine your decision making and leadership capabilities? When people only have a few seconds to make that determination, they’re looking for anything that will point to the answer to that question. Tears say a lot.

The conversation is a step in the right direction. Hopefully one day people will be accepted for who they truly are and not judged at first glance. Hopefully one day, a CEO or president will be able to cry in a meeting and still be respected for the work they do and not judged because of certain aspects of their personality.

Read the article for yourself. I’d love to hear your opinion.