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This is a valuable exercise that I do on a regular basis. There have been times I’ve laid in bed at night slightly horrified by my own behavior. Perhaps I said too little, perhaps I said too much. Perhaps I should have been bolder or kinder. The good news is that over time you’ll see patterns. Patterns that speak to larger areas of dysfunction in your life. And once you recognize the patterns you can begin to rise above those areas of dysfunction. You can begin the beautiful process of transforming yourself. If upon your review of the day you find that you missed the mark, forgive yourself. And remind yourself that tomorrow is a new day. Be grateful for the day’s revelation and the chance to begin again…to become a better version of yourself.

To Your Journey,


Tonya Lampley is a fiction author and Certified Life Coach. She writes stories about life, love and the journey and blogs on topics for living a successful life. Her debut novel was titled A Taste of Love and was a 2012 NIEA finalist. Her second book is titled Indiscretion. Both books are available on Amazon. For more information about Tonya and her works please visit www.TonyaLampley.com. Free short story available here!