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Sometimes things aren’t what they appear to be…

“Alex?” he called. “I’ve been trying to talk to you all day. I got whisked away after the meeting. I’ve heard so many good things about you.” He smiled gracefully at her. “We have something in common now.”

Alex gave him a confused look.

“The stairs.” Daniel laughed. “They’re a good way to sneak in a little extra toning. I try to do whatever I can to take care of my body.”

And, boy, was it obvious, Alex thought. She tucked her hand behind her back to hide her spoiled manicure. “I agree,” she responded nervously—with at least part of what he had said, anyway.

Alex sized him up. Well-groomed, polished, suave. She was almost intimidated by his attractiveness. He had silky smooth skin, dark brown eyes, and a nice grade of thick, coal-black hair. A perfectly trimmed moustache framed his full luscious mouth. His voice was deep and soothing. His strong hands gestured gently as he spoke.

As she inconspicuously examined him, she could tell by the way his suit draped his body and lingered over every muscle that he attended the gym regularly. Judging by the glow of his skin she concluded that he favored a healthy diet as well.

His words jarred her from contemplation. “Tell me a little about yourself.”

Alex brought her attention back to his words. “I’ve worked here for ten years. From the ground up,” she was proud to add—possibly even protecting her territory.

He didn’t appear to notice. As the conversation continued, she found herself relaxing her guard. She leaned against the wall, held captive by his conversation. He seemed very well-versed on a variety of subjects and Alex was intrigued. There was a familiarity to him; like she had reconnected with someone she once knew very well. She thought he was different. Smart. Responsible. Not like most guys she had met―wanting to get laid and nothing upstairs. He had even gotten her to laugh a few times, something very hard for a stranger to do.

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