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We waste so much of our precious time wishing others were different. But true love says, “I accept you for who you are.” The only recourse we truly have is to inspire others to be different, since unconditional love never makes demands. And the best way to inspire others is by living our own lives in the best way possible, becoming the highest expression of ourselves, serving as an example for others to follow. And even then, the decision to change or not to change, rests solely with the other person. We have no jurisdiction. To love them anyway is sometimes the hardest part, but acceptance is the only pathway to peace. With acceptance, we honor another’s right to their own journey, to learn the lessons as they see fit, and at the same time, we liberate ourselves from the bondage of our happiness being tied to things that are temporal and external; things over which we have no control.

To Your Journey,


Tonya Lampley is a fiction author writing on life, love and the journey. Her debut novel was titled A Taste of Love and was a 2012 NIEA finalist. Her second book is titled Indiscretion. Both books are available on Amazon. For more information about Tonya and her works please visit www.TonyaLampley.com.