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  1. My beliefs matter…he who controls his thoughts controls his destiny.
  2. Life should be fun…it’s a privilege to be alive. Love and enjoy every minute of it.
  3. Become more than you were before…always be developing personally and professionally–expansion is the name of the game!
  4. Honor your inner voice…intuition is powerful guide in making any choice.
  5. Fear is false evidence appearing real…fear makes life small and limits opportunities. Practice courage.
  6. Laugh often…a sense of humor causes an immediate mood shift and floods any situation with positive vibes. It is the best medicine.
  7. Practice positivity as a way of life…more times than not the glass really is half full. Positive energy attracts more of the same.
  8. Practice gratitude as a way of life…gratitude causes an immediate shift in perspective. It grounds us in the now and connects us with Divinity.
  9. Live by “The Golden Rule.” What you do to and for others will be returned unto you–negative or positive. Always choose in favor of love.
  10. Simple is better…energy and time are precious commodities. Save wherever you can.
  11. Make peace with what is…resistance only serves to make any negative situation bigger and feeds it with negative energy–before long you have a monster. Accept whatever obstacles you face as a part of your journey and keep moving forward. We are in the process of becoming and all things are happening exactly as they should.

These few things have become my own personal credo. In following these rules, I’ve experienced a major shift in my day to day experience of life. I hope you will find them useful.

To Your Journey,


Tonya Lampley is a fiction author and Life Coach. She writes about life, love and the journey and coaches clients on the foundations for living a successful life. Her debut novel was titled A Taste of Love and was a 2012 NIEA finalist. Her second book is titled Indiscretion. Both books are available on Amazon. For more information about Tonya and her works please visit www.TonyaLampley.com.