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There’s something different about current times; much different than when I grew up. I grew up in the age of family secrets. When we left the house it wasn’t uncommon for grownups to tell their children, “Our business is our business,” meaning, don’t blab to anyone about anything that was going on in the house.

Times are different now. We live in an age of transparency. The old adage of “what’s done in the dark will soon come to light,” rings true now more than ever. That CEO who just cheated on his wife was just captured on amateur video. The mother who beat her kid in the parking lot? Her too. People everywhere have become cell phone paparazzi. You can’t get away with too much of anything now days.

Even the celebrity/fan relationship has changed. Back in the day, stars like Greta Garbo, Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson remained behind their gated Hollywood homes. You could only dream about what they did in their day to day lives. You couldn’t see it. You didn’t know their flaws, their weaknesses or perhaps their fetishes.

Fast forward. Like real fast. Social media programs, real time communication and the media have changed the dynamic. How cool is it that you can get to know the celebrities? How not cool for them sometimes, that you can get to know the celebrities? Retractions of tweets are now the norm. Beefs, disses…the list goes on.

The cool thing about the age we live in is that you can’t misrepresent yourself any longer. Trickery gets revealed pretty readily now…politicians on the take, doping athletes etc. There’s a “rat” lurking on every corner and he’s ready to write a book exposing someone’s deepest, darkest secrets.

Hopefully, all this means that integrity will eventually take center stage—that transparency will usher in an age of honesty. Where people live in truth and honor. Where they have love and respect for their fellow man. Where they choose on the side of right every time. Perhaps the fear of darkness being brought to light will cause us to live in the light at all times. Standing in truth is a much better place to stand—a more pleasant window to look out of. Who wants to spend life looking over their shoulder?

Moment by moment we make the choice of being in the light by lining up with all that is good or choosing darkness by lining up with dishonesty, cheating, unfairness or anything that demonstrates a lack of love. Not just in the big things, but in all things. How we treat people, our thoughts toward others, our business transactions…all move us closer to the light or away from it. Those who walk in the light will reap its rewards. Life is given to the body. The doors of opportunity open a little easier. Relationships get better. Peace abounds.

Sounds like a much better choice to me.

To Your Journey,


Tonya Lampley is a Cincinnati based fiction author. Her debut novel is titled A Taste of Love and is available at Joseph Beth Booksellers and Amazon.com. To learn more about Tonya and her works, please visit www.TonyaLampley.com.