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This has been a season of rapid change. Every day I look around and have the stark realization that the world that I knew even 3 years ago no longer exists.  Some days I find myself clinging to my hat!

I’ve reminded myself of a few things as I write down my target achievements for the year.

1-      Enjoy The Ride

As I move a few things that weren’t accomplished last year to this year’s list, lol, I remind myself that life is not a destination, it’s a journey. And it’s definitely not a race! It’s okay to be focused, but I will allow myself the freedom to be who I really am and allow my life to unfold exactly as it should—meaning that there are times to “crack the whip” but there are also times to experience and enjoy the seasons that I’m in. It’s okay to lighten up.

2-      Time Out

My weekends have been designated as time to recharge and re-energize. I used to spend them in a frenzy, trying to catch up on everything that I didn’t get done during the week. I will spend more time with friends and family and simply enjoy that time, knowing I’ll be in a better position to face the week if I’m rested and re-charged. The laundry in the corner can wait until I finish my movie. I might even leave it until after I take a nap.

3-      Nourish

I will continue to take care and feed and nourish my body. No more skipping lotion in a hurry. I will carry water with me wherever I go. I will take the time to pamper myself more often, both hair and skin. Oils have become my new friend…Shea butter, coconut, avocado. I have discovered the power of green smoothies. I can put several servings of raw vegetables in my smoothie and up my nutrient count for the day without even noticing. Pop a straw in and I’m good to go.

4-      Relax

Not just physically, but mentally. Most things have a way of working themselves out. In each and every moment I have two choices. Fear or trust. Trust is a much better choice. I remind myself with every challenge I face that it’s all part of a much larger picture. There is a reason and purpose for it. I accept it and move forward.

5-      Alignment

Making sure that everything that I do, every goal that I set, every person I connect with truly lines up with who I am and the things that I want to accomplish. It is important to gracefully disconnect from things that aren’t serving us. If it doesn’t benefit or serve me, if it doesn’t line up with the person I want to be, if it doesn’t further ground and root me into the fabric of humankind in a meaningful way or help me fulfill my purpose…It’s gotta go.’

Now back to the goals list. I’m feeling better about it already. Nothing like a little perspective to soften the blow. Let’s make this year even better than the last!

To Your Journey,


Tonya Lampley is a Cincinnati based fiction author. Her debut novel is titled A Taste of Love and is available at Barnes and Noble, Joseph Beth Booksellers and Amazon.com. To learn more about Tonya and her works, please visit www.TonyaLampley.com.