Taste Test

I’m noticing something. As I get out and talk to people about my book; as I hold conversations with them and they tell me about themselves, I’m discovering that people are magnificently individualistic. Their appearance, their lifestyle. Their likes and dislikes. And I find it delicious.

Of course, as a writer, I want everyone to like my book but I’ve come to realize that that won’t be the case. Our tastes in food, clothing, shelter, communities, groups, hobbies etc are far too varied. And so are our tastes in literature.

Some people like romance—eyes locking, lips salivating, sleighing whole towns to be with the one they love. Some like horror—not my thing. A book was recommended to me in which someone was stabbed very gruesomely at the very beginning of the story. I stopped reading. Some people like a little mystery or to be carried off to some foreign land or back in time. Some people prefer a book that is filled with scripture and some like a little tap on a bare behind in the woodshed…I’m just saying.

Political thriller, memoir, love story…it’s all good. I delight in the variety we have as human beings. And that we all knit together to become a beautiful tapestry. There’s room at the table for everyone!

I’d love to hear your preference. What kind of books do you like to read?

To Your Journey,