It’s amazing…the human body that is. Its form. Its features. Its processes. There are tons of things going on within it at every second of every day.  The heart beats. The blood carries vital nutrients to every cell in the body where the mitochondria do their thing. White blood cells stand armed in defense, ready to attack any intruder. It is amazing. It is wonderful. It is a work of God.

Even though it is all those things, it is only a part of who we are. The body in all of its glory is simply an encasement. It is the place that houses the spirit which is the real being. Big. Transcendent. Limitless. Connected to God. And just like the body, it requires nurturing; a type of food of its own.

Things like connecting with a friend, enjoying nature, laughter, meditation, prayer, or showing kindness to someone are all good menu items. A little care and attention goes a long way. When the spirit is fed it will in turn feed the body—giving it what it needs to help us construct full and satisfying lives.

As you feed your body today, take time out to remember your spirit. Find out what it needs in order to feel satiated. As we satisfy it, it will return the favor tenfold.

 To Your Journey,


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