It’s funny how uniquely different we can be from those around us. In fact, I think it’s a given.  Sometimes it feels like God’s little joke. Mustard? or ketchup? can send two people barreling to separate corners of the house while slamming every door in between. Snob!  (slam)  Peon!  Don’t they get that they’re wrong and I’m right? Mustard always makes a hotdog better!

We need the others to show us who we are. Our relationships can bring the worst of ourselves to light. They readily make known to us, issues we need to work on. There might be areas where we need more patience and understanding. Perhaps there’s a need to be more open and flexible. Maybe there are situations where we need to take a stronger stand. But most importantly, relationships provide an opportunity for us to grow in love.

The next time I’m ready to wring a neck, I’ll try to remember what the other person has been placed in my life for. I will move beyond resistance and allow myself to lean into that which is good and kind and loving, knowing that that is the essence of who all of us are as human beings. I will remind myself that the discomfort that I feel is more than likely because of the fact that when I look at them, I see who I really am.

And sometimes it’s not such a pretty sight, lol.

To Your Journey,

Tonya Lampley