There’s a saying…Patience is a virtue. I’ve struggled with this my entire life. I’ve been a person who believed in making things happen. Who pushed and prodded to get things done quickly and the way I wanted them to. But, I’ve recently noticed something. Blame it on my being of a “certain age,” but I’ve noticed I’m becoming a lot more patient. I’m more willing to trust in life and wait and see what happens next. Finally, the angst and edge is gone from wondering what the final outcome will be. I am content to wait and see.
I haven’t always been this way. I was a person who checked the oven every five minutes to see if the cookies were done (I’m sure that just made the cooking time longer). Or I would call the doctor’s office to see what the results of my labs were, even though they said they would call me. A job offer? A date? Why wait? Right?
Wrong. I’ve learned that there are times when being assertive is okay when the situation warrants it, but my overall approach to life now, is to just see what happens. I am content to let my life unfold. As many of you know, I’m awaiting the release of my debut novel, A Taste of Love. In the past, waiting for something like this would drive me crazy, but now I notice that I’m more willing to trust the process. Instead of being anxious, I appreciate the time I’ve been given to prepare. I appreciate the time to rest…or whatever gift I can find in the “waiting period.” I know that my only responsibility is to keep moving forward on the path. And as long as I do that the rest of my life will unfold one beautiful brick at a time.
Having patience is not easy, but I’m learning to trust God. And as long as he knows the end of the story, I don’t have to. For me, that makes waiting a whole lot easier.

Tonya Lampley is a Cincinnati based author.  Her debut novel is soon to be released in print under the title A Taste of Love.
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