I was milling around the house yesterday afternoon. It was time for Oprah. I turned on the T.V. (I need some sort of distraction when I’m doing chores—I digress). I heard Oprah comment that Denmark was the happiest place on earth. That got my attention right away. What makes the people in that country happier than the rest of us? I tuned in.

Oprah went on to say that people in Denmark were:

~The most environmentally conscious. I get that. People who have a connection to nature and an understanding of the mutually sustaining relationship we have with the planet will typically have a broader and more satisfying view of life.

~Supported by their Government, which included healthcare and generous unemployment and maternity benefits, so they didn’t fear financial ruin—a major ill plaguing our society and a great cause of many people’s unhappiness. Once you get the stuff, you gotta’ work to keep it, right?

But the thing that struck me the most was that people in Denmark:

~Live simply. Their homes were extremely small and organized.  Everything had a place.  It was a very minimalistic lifestyle. When Oprah questioned why they lived that way (it is a stark contradiction to life in the US), the Danish women said, “less space, fewer things, more life.”

I’m on a mission to clear clutter this month.  The two whistles and miscellaneous chords I have in the kitchen "junk drawer" as well as a million other things that I don’t need will find a new home.  I’m following the lead of the Danes.  They really seem to have a handle on work−life balance and understand that money and things don’t make you a success.  Instead, the way you live your life and your relationships are what really matter. Having joy, peace and contentedness is what defines success for them.  I’ll take that kind of success, anyday.

Have a great weekend,


Tonya Lampley