I watched Oprah Winfrey interview Whitney Houston in a two part series this week.  I admit, like many others, I tuned in waiting to hear the juicy details of what I’ve been hearing about her life in the tabloids for the past few years.  Couldn’t wait to hear what being married to America’s “bad boy” was like.  But as I watched, I found something totally different happened.  I discovered that the story she was telling was much bigger than that.  As she began to talk, the details of what had transpired were so insignificant.  What took front and center stage was her ability to survive and come through one of the greatest trials of her life with her sanity and dignity intact.  Her story personified the triumphant nature of the human spirit that lies within each of us.  What doesn’t kill us, will in fact, make us stronger if we let it.  Her brutal honesty was admirable.  Her willingness to open herself to her truth; to own it and make it apart of who she was, was simply amazing.  After everything, she’s standing tall with her head held high.  She’s rediscovered her faith.  She’s shaken the dust off her feet and she’s ready to close that chapter of her life and move on.


As humans, we tend to resist the pain that the trials in life bring.  We fear that with every layer that is stripped away, we will be left bare, but in the midst of the trial, the exact opposite happens.  As the layers are stripped away we become more fully who we are meant to be.  Instead of being laid bare, we become full and rich and more complete.  In the midst of the trial, strength and wisdom unite to pull us out of the darkness.  When we emerge, if we’ve done it right and learned the lessons, we are no longer the same– we are better.  We are stronger.  We are wiser.


As the lyrics to her song state, I thought I might break, I didn’t know my own strength.  Make no mistake about it, Whitney is back and her voice, while different, is stronger than ever.  It’s richer, wiser, and more mature.  I think I’ll celebrate her triumphant return by picking up her CD.  If you haven’t seen her singing her latest single, here is a link http://www.oprah.com/media/20090903-tows-whitney-houston-sings






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