If you haven’t yet seen the video of Susan Boyle from the British show called Britain’s got talent.  I encourage you to take time to watch it and I have included it below.  It is one of the most powerful things I have seen in a while.  It was a profound moment filled with imagery.  I was deeply moved on so many levels when I watched it.

Initially, what struck me about the clip was how, when she walked onto the stage, everyone’s eyes began to roll and the snickers waved across the crowd.  Susan Boyle is a 47 year old woman from a small village in Scotland and she looks every bit of the part.  Lacking in sophistication and most obviously lacking in youth, she was dismissed as being unimportant by the crowd, simply by the way she looked.  Why is it, in our society we tend to think that if someone is not young and beautiful they are of no value?

 I digress.

Susan stepped onto the stage and the host Simon Cowell (of American Idol) asked her point blank, “What is the dream?”

“To be a professional singer,” she responded in a thick Scottish accent.  Her resolve was evident.

The crowd snickered and rolled their eyes some more.  And as I held my breath from fear that she would be booed off the stage, the most amazing thing happened.  She opened her mouth and the most delightful sound belted forward.  One of the most incredible voices I have ever heard— from an almost 48 year old Scottish villager who lives with her cat!  The crowd jumped to their feet.  It was a stunning moment.

What is the dream?  Simon asked her.  It is such an important question and it behooves each of us to spend some time pondering it.  Each of us has one.  It might be buried under soccer practice, diapers, flu shots and board meetings, but it is there.  And like Susan, it is only when we commit to it, in spite of apparent contradiction and obstacles, that it becomes a reality for us.  She didn’t listen to the voice that told her she was too old or didn’t look the part of a professional singer.  She simply committed to the dream and sat out on a path to accomplish it, whatever it took.

She’s living proof that it’s never too late start.  If you believe in your heart, the dream can be yours.




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