In our society, we have been conditioned to go along with the pack and follow the status quo.  It leaves very little room for individuality.  The onslaught starts as kids.  We even played Follow the Leader.

I can remember as a kid, always wanting to fit in.  I wanted to wear what the cool girls wore or talk the way they talked… anything to be one of them.  To just fit in.

Unfortunately, a childhood spent wanting to be like everyone else grew into an adult who had never learned her true identity.  I went along with the pack, and settled into a boring and safe life for a number of years.  After a while, I began to feel increasingly uncomfortable.  There was a Me inside, bursting for a chance to come out.  It took some time to get to know her.  To understand who she was and what she wanted.  Her hopes and dreams; her purpose, but it has been the greatest work of my life.  When others were doing this or that, I learned to listen to my own voice and follow its direction and it has led me to a far better place than I could have imagined.

We have been conditioned in life to follow the trend or the next hottest thing.  We are bombarded with messages and images all day long that dictate to us, what we should be doing, eating or drinking.  Each thing louder than the next.  Have you noticed even the commercials are louder now?  Our individuality is being threatened on a daily basis.  In the midst of the madness that is life, I encourage you to get still.  Drown out the noise and listen to what your heart is saying.  Perhaps it’s telling you to forge a different path- to walk down the road alone.  Don’t worry, someone will be waiting for you at the end.  Someone that you used to know- waiting with open arms to welcome you back.  It’s where you should have been all along.


Life…Once chapter at a time.