It’s amazing.  We all have been created as individual as snowflakes.  Our appearance, our hopes, our dreams our desires, our genetic code all come together to make us vastly unique. 

Each of us has our own individual blueprint.  And in the richness of that blueprint, each of us has been given a specific talent- something that we are really good at- better than our co-workers, better than our spouse.  We may not even be aware of it, but it is there.   For many years I masqueraded as a corporate professional only to uncover years later, I had a natural talent for writing.

My point is this, take the time to discover who you really are.    Don’t quiet the voice that is telling you, you could be doing this if you had the time, or the education, or the money.  Stop to listen to that inner voice.  That voice is the real you,  telling you what you should be doing, and what you would really be great at.   Take some time to get to know yourself.  It sounds trivial but most of us are walking around without a clue as to who we really are.  Ask yourself the question, who am I, really?  You might be surprised at the answer.

 It’s not easy to embark on a path to change .  Some of us cringe at the thought of leaving what we know and moving to a different place but I encourage you to start planning today.  You don’t have to do anything radical.  Just plan to get to that place eventually.  That place, is a place of peace and contentment.  That place is the place where the real you emerges- and everything from there on out, just gets better and better.