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I wanted to post a quickie health tip. In this age of cancer and degenerative diseases we could all use all the tips we can get… right?

I have a goal sheet. A list of goals for the year (proud to say I’ve checked several off already and I highly recommend this to you all if you don’t have one). I read them aloud once per day, typically in the mornings. It reminds me of what I’m focused on. One of my goals for 2017 was to commit to an alkaline diet and each day, I’m leaning more and more into it.

Briefly, an alkaline diet is one that consists of mainly fruits and vegetables. Why? Fruits and vegetables contain hoards of minerals; calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus being the main ones. And these minerals alkalize the body’s tissues. The importance of these minerals cannot be understated.

Disease is rampant in our society. A new body of research is emerging that is telling us that cancer, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer’s and many more are caused by a degeneration of cells and what causes that degeneration is acid.

Our diets of soda, meat, carbs… chips, fries, pizza and very little vegetables contributes to the pH of our body’s system being acidic. Conversely, vegetables replenish mineral reserves and keep the cells in an alkaline environment. Experts say that cancer needs and acidic environment to survive. Why take chances? That pizza is not worth the risk. At the very least, if you’re going to eat it, have a salad with it!

You can purchase pH strips from your local health food store and do a baseline saliva check. If you haven’t been eating right, you’ll probably be acidic. I was. Once you’ve been eating more fruits and vegetables for a while, here comes the fun part… you’ll gradually see your pH levels move toward alkalinity! It’s fun to watch and for me, it’s good to know that I can check at any time and measure my susceptibility to disease. Even the common cold can’t survive in a body that is alkaline. That’s one of the reasons why our parents would drink bicarb or baking soda; it alkalizes the body quickly. But because of the sodium content, consistently using baking soda to alkalize the body’s tissues can be dangerous. Not to mention, your electrolytes need to stay in a delicate balance. Loading up on one without the others can cause more health problems. The solution is to get your minerals from fruits and vegetables which contain the full spectrum of electrolytes in the proper ratios.

If you’ve noticed any of the following: body odor, headaches, bleeding gums, mouth sores, stiffness and cracking bones, yellowing of teeth, brittle hair, acne, fibroids, do yourself a favor… start eating more vegetables and monitoring your pH levels. There are three pillars to a happy life… great relationships, health and work you love. Of the three, this one’s the easiest.

To your journey,

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Side Chicks and Pieces


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Now my sons listen to me: pay attention to what I say,

Do not let your heart turn to her ways or stray into her path.

Many are the victims she has brought down;

Her slain are a mighty throng.

Her house is a highway to the grave, leading down to the chambers of death.



I was saddened to hear the news about Carmelo Anthony, a seemingly good human being, the latest to be caught in an “other woman” scandal. Same thing with Mary J Blige and her husband. Generally speaking, certain men will always be helpless in the presence of a beautiful or younger woman. The warning from Proverbs above tells us that it’s been happening for a while if not since the beginning of time. It’s a fact.

But it’s not good. We’ve sort of celebrated it in our culture; written T.V. shows and books about it, but it’s no laughing matter. I come from a broken home and the affect on children is terrible.

And it’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous for a man to damage the relationship he has with his wife whom he “loves” and children just because he saw someone who had a smaller waist or longer, shinier hair or a bigger butt? It’s stupid to force children to grow up without their father just because someone’s bone and tissue is organized in a particular way (newsflash…boobs are just an abundance of fat cells) or they were born a few years prior to your wife or maybe she has a cuter nose? Stop for a second and think about the ridiculousness of that. We’re talking about risking it all for bone, skin and tissue.

It’s been my observation that when affairs happen, the men never (or rarely) end up with the mistress anyway. Families are broken, money is divided and all parties end up moving on. So, here’s a question… what’s the point? Not to mention when your wife leaves you, you have to part with your duckets. Your hard earned fortune. Maybe it’s just me, but very few things would be worth that.

I’m going to dive a little deeper here into the male psyche. For centuries, perhaps even the beginning of evolution, men have thirsted for power. In our current society power is not only evidenced by money, but dominance and influence as well. We’ve been conditioned to believe that people of power have influence and that influence allows them to have things…possessions. A man desiring a beautiful woman is just an extension of that twisted thought pattern. For him, it’s a symbol of power and influence…like a fancy sports car or a yacht. It’s the ego’s way of saying… “hey look at me, I’m better than you!” Men who have yet to fully embrace the true nature of their being and have yet to establish their spiritual identity will always have the need to “prove” their worth and value. Trophy women offer that proof and for many men serve as masks for insecurity. Men who are evolved and have transcended their egos have no need to flaunt their possessions to prove their worth and value. No need to show off their “things” to confirm to us they are influential and powerful. They just know it. Intrinsically. Look at some of your low key wealthy men who avoid the limelight; some are still married to their college sweethearts who aren’t all that fabulous looking. They’re rarely in the press. Instead of trying to prove to us they have influence, they use their quiet and real influence to serve humanity. Conversely, look at the unevolved ones, constantly in the press, constantly bragging about what they have or what they’ve done. And usually with a much younger, pretty wife that looks more like their daughter or granddaughter. They live totally ego-centered lives. We don’t have to look much further than our current politics to identify one of those men.

Women, when it comes to this, you’re not off the hook. It’s all fun and games when you’re 25 and you’re seducing married men, but what about when you’re 40 with a little bag here and a sag there? What happens when you’re happily married with children and you see YOUR husband staring at the 24- year old Starbucks clerk? What happens when she starts flirting with him? What happens if he takes the bait? Sleeping with another woman’s husband violates the Sisterhood. If you’re in a situation like this right now, I implore you to begin your spiritual journey. When people are whole, they have no desire to hurt other human beings. In fact, the thought becomes repulsive. Rise above the notion that you need a man to take care of you or buy you things (most side pieces won’t be bothered if you don’t pay to play). Rise above the human flaw that tells you that material things will make you happy and you must trick a man to have them. Real happiness is doing work you love and offering your gifts to humanity. Real happiness comes when we are benevolent and honoring all human life. Love and respect your sisters by not doing anything that would cause harm to them. Google the Law of Karma. Know how the universe works and be cautious of what you’re putting out, knowing it will be returned to you. And if he has children, they grow up with the scars of what you’ve participated in. Think of the wife as well. Heartbreak is one of the worst pains in the world. If you’ve experienced it before, could you be that selfish and want to do it to someone else?

Bottom line, people, is this… do good. Be a good human being. Evolve spiritually. Know that a false sense of power will never bring you true happiness, neither will material things. Men do the work that will bring you true confidence, and women, know that you have the power to pay your own rent and buy your own things. You don’t need a man to do it.

Here is a quick introduction to the Law of Karma. I highly recommend getting to know this law.



To your journey,                                                    

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Calling All Lightworkers


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 Calling All Lightworkers

It’s 2017 and darkness has covered the land. Personally, I believe the current, dark state of society is only temporary. I recall a similar period in the 80’s and 90’s of drugs, crime, racial tensions, corporate greed. Somewhere around the early 2000’s we transitioned out of it and I’m hoping we will see society make this same transition.

In the meantime, I’m calling all lightworkers. There are those of you out there who have a call on your life to uplift humanity. Who serve as beacons of hope to the hopeless, guides to the ones who are lost. Some of you are grounded in your faith and are prayer warriors. Some have the gift of being more hands on… pastors, healers and counselors. Some are writers. If this is you, now is your time. Figure out what you need to move out of the shadows and into the light. People are hurting and hurt people hurt other people.

 As lightworkers we come to remind others of the truth… that each one of us is God in human form. That we all have purpose and value and that each of us is loved beyond measure. If everyone understood that, they’d be filled with hope and love for themselves and their fellow man; never desiring to hurt anyone. They’d believe in their ability to serve humanity with their gifts; no need to rob or steal. They’d know the healing power of self- love and acceptance; eliminating the need for alcohol and drugs. Lightworkers come to tell the truth to a world who has forgotten and in some instances never known… be brilliant, be fierce, be loving, be kind, be God. 

If this message pierced you, you know who you are. Find your own little corner of the world and begin flowing your light. Blog, books, social media, prayer, healer, counselor, coach… contribute in any way you can. It all benefits.

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Random thoughts: Cleveland heartbreak


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My heart breaks for all of those who are feeling hopeless, disconnected, unworthy. In a society that tells us we’re nothing if we’re not beautiful, rich or famous, it’s no wonder people feel dejected, helpless and commit desperate acts oftentimes using social media to garner likes and accolades even for doing things that are heinous.

I’m not a sympathizer. If you do wrong, you pay for your actions. I’m a firm believer in accountability. But as a human being I can still have empathy. I can empathize with those who are lost and struggling. Who try but fail to make sense of things in a world where nothing makes sense. Who struggle to find work and provide for their families. Who feel that they aren’t worthy to be loved. Who feel outcast. And I can have empathy for those who are victims of our pseudo-caste society that says that your life has less value than mine if you are lower down on the chain as deemed by race, age or economic status. Life is life and it is all precious. We don’t get to decide.

We’re all guilty. As human beings, we long for significance and in our society money, looks and fame will automatically give it to you. We ascribe more worth and value to those who have those things and look down on the ones who don’t. As a society, we live in a constant state of worship… of people and of things. A pop star can post a picture of her pregnant belly and the world goes nuts. Reality stars can completely redraw their facial features and create perfect brows and noses with pencils and powder and we think that’s normal. They post pictures of their latest luxury fashion or jewelry score and like sheep to slaughter we run to emulate what they’re doing, whether we can afford it or not, wanting to be like them. And in doing so, like a slow drip, we erode our worth and value as individual human beings and reject the unique masterpieces that we are.

It’s possible to return to sanity. To accept and love ourselves fully and completely, irrespective of what others have or what others say about us. It is possible to adjust our lifestyles to our incomes. And, it is possible to let go of longing for something more and to be completely satisfied with our current condition. And I believe that as we do that, and model contentedness for our children, we create a more perfect world.

I challenge you to let go of the need to be anything other than what you are, always leaving room for improvement if necessary, but fundamentally loving and approving of yourself even if there’s nothing but lint in your pocket. Each of us has been created by God in His image. Don’t let anyone or any ‘thing’ determine your value. And if you are struggling, don’t lose hope. Reach out to someone for help. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

And to all those involved in the Cleveland incident, my heart and prayers are with you.

Failing our kids…


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Okay… I’m going to say it. We’re not doing a good job of raising our children. As the headlines scroll across my computer screen I see so many young people doing such ridiculous things… faking suicides so another child will kill themselves, driving while texting, torturing and killing people on social media, drugs, robbery, bullying. Doesn’t have to be your child.

As society has become more affluent, the meaning of being a good parent has shifted from raising competent, productive, respectful human beings… to being able to provide stuff for them. Notice I said the focus. There’s nothing wrong with providing for your children. I think it’s healthy for children to know the value of affluence. But buying them things shouldn’t be the focus. Jeans, jewelry, the latest gym shoes just so you can impress your neighbors or your kids can impress their friends. Who cares about that kind of stuff? Our focus should be… are we raising kids who are kind, strong and individual thinkers? Are they earnest and hard working? Do they respect others and other people’s property? Do they have a healthy level of self-esteem? That should be the focus.

And, I know, those sweet little faces are so hard to punish, but if you don’t instill discipline in them when they’re little, they’ll struggle as adults. Self-centered, self-indulgent, selfish children grow up to be self-centered, self-indulgent, selfish adults. Lazy at best. Criminal at worst.

I see so many people now who just have the kids, feed ‘em and that’s it. Our parents were way more involved in developing our characters than we’ve been. They had less tolerance for whining and slamming doors… and I think our generation is better for it.

If your kids are still small (even if they aren’t) begin to establish habits and patterns that focus on their future. Value things like education and the pursuit of excellence. Insist that they clean their rooms. Know who they’re hanging out with. Monitor their habits. Don’t make it a goal to be the cool Mom or Dad. Instead, take the time to build into your children. Make it a goal to make them into highly functioning and productive adults who will create a life that they’re proud of.

Parenting is not easy. Just like most things in life, it’s a situation where you get out of it what you put into it. What a blessing it will be to see your kids happy, healthy and productive, raising families of the same. Don’t set them up for failure by constantly giving in to them and letting them have their way. Focus on the end goal and rest easy knowing that after you’ve tended the garden faithfully, you can relax and reap the reward of a good crop. And ultimately, when life is going well for them, all the denied requests for jeans and gym shoes won’t matter. They’ll be filled with a sense of gratitude every time they think of your sacrifice and the blessing you have given them.

To your journey

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Tonya Lampley is a fiction author and Certified Life Coach. She writes about life, love and the journey and blogs on topics for living a successful life. Her debut novel was titled A Taste of Love and was a 2012 NIEA finalist. Her second book is titled Indiscretion and her third book is titled Dirty. All books are available on Amazon. For more information about Tonya and her works please visit www.TonyaLampley.com.



Fanning flames…


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As human beings, we carry the inherent flaw of “separateness.” We use our groups and labels… whether it’s religion, sports teams, cities, coasts, race… to not only give us a sense of belonging, no harm in that, but for many of us the labels we identify with give us a sense of elitism… my group is better than yours. My religion is better, my race is better, my political party is better, my economic class, even my coast is better. We all remember the rapper ‘beefs’ of past decades… to think…people lost their lives over such nonsense. Newsflash, no one is better than anyone else, doesn’t matter your group or label. Human is human. Period. Second newsflash, we are all apart of God’s creation. Every single one of us. A single unit. A single body. If He created us, we belong here and we have purpose and value. As individuals, we don’t get to decide who has merit and who doesn’t. I matter. You matter. He she and it matters. And as we stoke the flames of divisiveness, we have to ask ourselves… is it worth it?

Be careful of the beast you serve. It just might turn and bite you.

Many people aren’t just content to sit behind social media and call names. Some will act upon their hatred. Is this the kind of world we want? Where drawing ‘lines’  between us is what’s most important. Nah, not me. I want a world where there is love and peace. Where we can leave our homes with the security of knowing our neighbors will meet us with love and kindness. Where, I may not know you, but I can still call you friend. Do your part. Commit to using social media to share love. To uplift one another. To comfort those who hurt. Move beyond the fear of differences and embrace others. Value life in all it’s myriad of forms. Do your part to help build a more successful world.



To your journey,

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Tips for being your best you!


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Here’s my most recent copy of The Journey Newsletter where I offer tips to help you on your journey– whether it’s health tips, spiritual growth or just things I’ve found that help me and I want to share. It’s also a good way to find out about my new releases. Click the link below to read and don’t forget to sign up and share!


28 Practical Ways To Improve Yourself

From Bayart.org

When the journey of self-betterment begins, we are always looking for ways to improve ourselves. It is a constant journey where we must be honest and open to change. Often we find improvement advice can be too metaphysical and theoretical. As a passionate advocate of growth, I’m continuously looking for ways to self-improve. I’ve compiled 28…

Source: 28 Practical Ways To Improve Yourself

Can’t we all just get along?


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Most people that know me know that I can be pretty easy going. I am a seeker of truth and I spend a lot of time contemplating the mysteries of life… wondering if there are answers to life’s difficulties.

The other day I was having a conversation with someone I love dearly about religious matters and in the middle of it, I realized they would never relax their guard enough to entertain another perspective. They were completely convinced that they were right, and perhaps they were, I never claim to know all things. But I’m always  willing to hear another perspective. I entertained their argument, offered my divergent opinion and it was sending the person into rage.

After I got off the phone, it came to me that this is how most people are now days; so convinced that there is only one truth… one answer… and of course, they’ve got it and everyone else is wrong. People, collectively, have gotten to a place where they are the experts, the know-it-alls, on every subject and now that access to social media and other platforms have gotten under their skin, they’re willing to debate, demean, demoralize and spew hatred toward others. Some are even willing to escalate to violence over their beliefs.

Stupid. As I told this person, “perhaps you’re right, I don’t take a hard stance on things that I believe are unknowable.” And when it comes to the subject we were discussing–religion, how can we ever truly know? How can we know 100% what is right or wrong, what sins are forgiven and which ones aren’t (Please don’t troll me, I ain’t got time). Until we are face to face with God, how will we ever know? We can’t. We only have a belief and the unfortunate thing is that most people BELIEVE their BELIEF is TRUTH.

I can honestly say that since I gave up the need to be right years ago, my life has been filled with so much peace. I’d rather not spend my time debating and trying to convince others of the rightness and wrongness of things. I came to understand that I have an opinion and it will always differ from others based on their personality, upbringing, socio-economic status and so many other things, and for that reason my own opinions and beliefs are ever-evolving. And while I believe that healthy, respectful conversations about difficult issues are the key to moving humanity forward, I know that most people just aren’t there. Republicans, democrats, gun control, left, right, immigration, religion, LGBTQ, name your pick. Right now, the game we’re playing is us against them. And until we recognize that the only thing that matters is “We,” meaning the whole of humanity, this nonsense will continue.

I encourage you to hold fast to your beliefs, but refuse to take a hard stance on anything. Always be open to another view, always be respectful if it differs and always choose love over war. Be willing to engage in healthy, respectful discourse. Be someone who seeks resolution, not to be right or make others wrong. This, I believe, is what will move humanity forward.

To your journey,